esports arena

What is an esports arena?

Esports arenas are any places that host electronic sports competitions with seating to fit the large amounts of fans that attend the event. An esports arena may be a fully dedicated building with stadium seats and giant projectors, or it may be a large room with a single screen streaming the competition. Any video game may be hosted in the arena and many different setups may qualify. In the future virtual esports arenas may be popular

eSports popularity

Esports is the fastest growing competitive entertainment today. Over 400 million people will watch Esports this year! The wide variety of games and viewing options allows for a very diverse pool of viewers. Esports arenas are quickly becoming the most popular way to watch esports as they allow for attendees to have an experience similar to physical sport arenas.

Esports Variety

There are thousands of different video games. Any of these can be displayed for viewing at an Esports arena. In most cases, team competition games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are the most widely viewed and attended, but one on one games also bring in a large amount of viewers. The sheer number of games available makes it difficult to determine exactly how many people are viewing.

Esports Viewing

While esports arenas may not be attracting as many fans per event as the super bowl, there are millions of people every day watching esports in various ways. Esports arenas account for just one of many ways the view esports. Youtube, streaming apps, and even some cable channels provide means for attendance across the world. When video gamers stream, they are broadcasting their gameplay live. Since this has become such a popular way to watch gameplay, and apps have created various means for fans to donate to their favorite streams as they play, some streamers make enough money that they are even able to keep that as their only job.

The Future of Esports

As technology progresses and video games change, so will Esports arenas. There are endless possibilities as to what this what might look like. Virtual reality presents some of the most exciting potentials in this direction. Some virtual reality games like those at The Grid are now able to be played in team competition formats. As technologies like those used in hyper tag at The Grid are implemented into other games, virtual reality team competitions will become more prevalent.

eSports & Virtual Reality

Virtual reality opens new doors for the sports entertainment industry by providing a mobile fully immersive experience. Future Esports arenas could people plugging into virtual reality from home. Fans could see the game from the perspective of their favorite gamers as the competition is running or assume an infinite variety of alternative perspectives, including remote controlled drones. Some technologies like the one found at The Grid can even allow for users to explore the virtual Esports arena on foot.


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