Halloween Party Events

The GRID – Halloween Group Event Venue and Virtual Reality Arcade!

Halloween is right around the corner and The GRID is showcasing the best  Halloween group event venue San Diego has to offer. Book your event today and experience unreal Halloween horror in a virtual world of limitless terror.


The Manor is a haunted mansion “jump scare” title for mature audiences. Even though it isn’t truly a game, this walkthrough title is perfect for halloween. Plenty of creaky doors, bloody walls, ghosts, gothic art and a variety of scare moments. Describing it doesn’t do it justice, it’s really scary. Watch out putting little kids into this title… their parents may call you the next day after a night of nightmares and no sleep.

BAAM Squad

BAAM Squad is a single-player and co-op experience where you and friends try to survive as long as you can in candy factory infested with zombies! Survive wave after wave of zombies, upgrade your weapons, get perks and strategize in this fun VR zombie survival game. Not overly violent or gory so is a good fit for a larger audience but does get difficult. First-Person-Shooter fans will feel right at home with this game!

The Haunted Graveyard is a cinematic-style haunted walkthrough that is a great Halloween title for all ages. The visuals are beautiful and it’s just the right length. It isn’t particularly scary and there aren’t any jump-scare moments. But that actually makes its more accessible. This is a great title for kids that you won’t get in trouble with parents for offering at your location.

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shooting Gallery is a fun, yet easy experience that’s enjoyable for almost any age. Not overly frightening but still a few jump scares as you travel along haunted rides on-foot or on-rails armed with your revolver for protection!